How Rare Planet become one of the leading startups of Kolkata

The next startup from Kolkata is one that you might recognize from season 1 of Shark Tank India, and that’s the Rare Planet. The idea for this business came to Ranodeep Saha from his struggles to fund his education & his family used to paint Kulhads, and even though they dedicated so much effort to decorating them, selling them was difficult, and this is a big problem of the states in this part of the country.

In India, almost every Indian handicraft artisan faces this, and so Ranodeep along with Vijay Kumar started Rare Planet in 2015 to end this problem. How did they do it? well, Rare Planet gives work to 25,000 artisans by getting them to make handmade crockery items like terra cotta mugs, studio pottery and copper glasses, and they use their e-commerce platform to sell these items probably at a premium price.

When Rare Planet was featured on Shark Tank India, they were doing sales of 75 lakh rupees every single month, but a year after the episode aired, that number went up to 5x of their earlier sales.

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