Physics Wallah New startup

EdTech unicorn Physics Wallah has launched their own school. Now, this isn’t just some offline learning centre. This is a school. It’s going to be affiliated with CBSC, and it’s going to provide education to students from pre-nursery up to class seven. They’re going to have 400 students in their inaugural batch. At first, an edtech started the technology startup and now venturing into offline schools seems like an odd choice, but it makes perfect business sense for physics.

Well, we see most of the students that Physics Wallah gets are from class 6 to class 12, and then you also have other paid courses for different exam preparations. What this means is that Physics Wallah doesn’t really have any way of reaching students before class six, but opening a school of physics while it now can reach those students, and also it kind of acts as marketing for them so that later on in life students can convert more fully into the Physics Wallah ecosystem.

But apparently, for Alok Pandey, there’s a more simple and fundamental reason why they’re setting up this school and it’s that by the time students reach class 7 and when they get enrolled into Physics Wallah, they’ve missed out on some really important concepts. The reason for this is that Indian schools are oftentimes more focused on route learning than the overall development of students, and that’s why Alok wants to change this with his school. He wants to make education all-inclusive and focus on the overall development of his students by introducing financial literacy and even entrepreneurship. Now, on a related note, edtech startups, which of course were all mainly focused on online initially, have found a new love for offline business. Even startup like Unacademy have been growing their offline centres at a rapid pace while their online business has been shrinking. Now, one of the biggest reasons why ed-tech startups and startups more generally fail is because they’re unable to raise enough capital for their venture.

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